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About The Project

• Simple turn around shipping in the same boxes delivered.

• Delivery available to Adults and Teens in the United States.

• Baby simulators require bottle feeding, burping, diaper changing, proper handling, positioning, and rocking.

• Baby's internal computer records all care provided during the rental term.

• Final care results are emailed upon baby's return to our office.

• RealCare Baby introduces family and pets to the experience of a new baby.

• Project provides physical, emotional, and instant social understanding of new parenting.

• Temporary "shut-down" is available for school or work.

• Baby simulator has a weighted body and realistic facial features.

• Simulator makes many sounds: drinking, burping, cooing, breathing, and crying.

• Couples and siblings are encouraged to participate in the project together.

• This is a great opportunity to introduce a New Baby to family pets.

• Project provides hands-on newborn care training.


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